New things

I stumbled into some cool little bags and decided to try them out as dice bags. If you see me at MSPComicon you have a shot of buying one.


State of the page

So I’m a bit behind and hope to catch up soon. I have a stack of “bad comics” that need to be scanned and posted. I’ll also toss a few of my other projects up here for you all to see soon.

May is coming!

What used to be called SpringCon is now MSP ComicCon (I liked springcon better). I always feel like I’m caught off guard. This is good for you though because it’s a motivating factor to me getting off my ass and putting comics up.

msp comiccon

House Keeping

You may or may not have noticed that some of the rougher looking comics have dropped off the site. I did some housekeeping and deleted about a dozen comics that honestly were very rough, or only done in pencil, or were sketch cards. Either I shouldn’t have uploaded them or they should have been part of a blog post. Either way what’s in the comic navigation today should be decent comics and I’ll add more again soon.


I fixed the issue where comments were closed long before I wanted them to be.

Thanks for pointing that out!


I’ve been slow with the comics so I thought you might like to see how far I am on the latest one.

work in progress