Self Portrait

Feeling every minute of 50 this week


I have been resisting the urge to complain about the snow. Today seems like a good day to complain though because I think we’re at the end of it. Last night we had another snow storm and it dropped roughly 6 inches of snow. Wet.. Heavy.. Deep.. snow. I normally (this late in the season) ignored the snow and let it melt on its own. This though was so thick and wet I even had a tough time plowing the snow. To add insult to injury on the news last night they pointed out that in April we have had more snow then any other month this season. UGH!

I both hate and love April Fools day

For a number of years I didn’t even pay attention to April Fools Day. I’m just not into fooling people I guess. I love a good gag and I respect people who can pull off a clever stunt but too many times a April Fools day joke that sounds good in planning becomes a wreck on execution. So far today I have only see the cute kinds of April Fools Day gags but I feel the need to possibly stay off the internet today.


So I have been spending my drawing time being horrible. I started loom knitting. I will have a few of these for sale and have plans to stop looming so I can prep for the up coming shows. I want to give you a sample of my hats though. green and black knit hat Pink with Black Skull knit hat


I’ve been slow with the comics so I thought you might like to see how far I am on the latest one. work in progress


So I am trying out a new system starting this week. I am going to start drawing a comic on one morning and finish it on the next and then start on the next comic. Maybe that will mean a regular schedule. As a reminder we have a store now. You can find it at Back40Arts over on Etsy. If you’re looking for a custom card or drawing let me know.

We have a store!

I do in fact have a shop… now.. Okay it’s an Etsy shop but that should work out for the best. You can find it at Back40Arts over on Etsy. Please do stop and look around. It’s a bit sparse yet but more to come soon. We will be listing items from both myself and my family. Eventually we will have sketches, photos, crafts, quilts, and likely more for you.

State of the site

So things are actually good.
  • I still want to upload the years of old strips. I’m torn between waiting until the comic easel bulk up-loader works and just doing a week at a time until I’ve caught up.
  • No comic this morning due to snowplowing. We got 12 inches of snow and I normally get up early to draw but instead I had to plow the driveway. Maybe tonight.
  • Holiday Geek Expo was a blast and profitable. I still have some prints for sale and I think I’m going to blow out my old sketch cards to freshen the set up.