May is coming!

What used to be called SpringCon is now MSP ComicCon (I liked springcon better). I always feel like I’m caught off guard. This is good for you though because it’s a motivating factor to me getting off my ass and putting comics up.

msp comiccon

Fall Cleaning

If you live somewhere warm you likely have spring cleaning events where you shake off winter and prepare for a glorious summer. In Wackapoodle Wisconsin we have a different tradition Fall Panic. This event happens shortly after the first good frost when you have to scrape your windshield for the first time this season. It’s when you realize that all of the mess you made in the garage over the summer is preventing you from parking your cars inside where they will stay warm-ish.

I spent a big part of Sunday working on cleaning up my garage. I’ve done a half ass job the last few years. I’ve piled things up. I’ve avoided throwing things out. I honestly can say that the collected amount of dirt I found was disgusting. I did manage to improve on a work bench. The bucket system I use for holding tools can now stack on a shelf rather then get kicked across the floor. The extra siding for the house is now in the rafters. I have started a pile of junk in the middle of the room and I’m honestly not sure I have enough garbage cans to get it all out at once.

I’ll have to take photos of it once I’m done. I’d take a before picture but it’s honestly embarrassing.

Big Weekend

First.. I have a comic almost ready to post.. this week kicked my ass though.

My elder Son is turning 15 tomorrow. I really can’t figure that out yet. 15 is about when kids start being people and not just extensions of their parents (in my opinion).

I’ll be sharing table space tomorrow with Phil. We’ll be at the Eau Claire Comic Con.


A brief and functional update

In the unlikely event that this is the only place online that you look for updates on my life I would like a moment of your time to point you to I have been adding quick little updates there mostly because it’s really easy. The sketch cards I’ve been doing typically show up there first only because I upload them directly from my phone.

Additionally, I would encourage you to reach out to someone and let them know you’re there and thinking of them.