Comic Related News

Something of an interesting update. While at the Holiday Geek Expo I scored a “Comic Note Book”. It’s kind of hefty and I’m going to try to do daily updates in it.

Check it out.

comic note book


So I have been spending my drawing time being horrible. I started loom knitting. I will have a few of these for sale and have plans to stop looming so I can prep for the up coming shows. I want to give you a sample of my hats though.

green and black knit hat

Pink with Black Skull knit hat

We have a store!

I do in fact have a shop… now.. Okay it’s an Etsy shop but that should work out for the best. You can find it at Back40Arts over on Etsy. Please do stop and look around. It’s a bit sparse yet but more to come soon.

We will be listing items from both myself and my family. Eventually we will have sketches, photos, crafts, quilts, and likely more for you.