Have Faith

Draw one summoning circle and the principle needs to call everyone parents.


So.. I’ve been lazy and developed the bad habit of just uploading files to facebook.. that makes this a bad site and I need to fix that. I grabbed the files off facebook and was going to post them here but then I realized they were formatted wrong.. crap. Okay I need to get organized

Comic Related News

Something of an interesting update. While at the Holiday Geek Expo I scored a “Comic Note Book”. It’s kind of hefty and I’m going to try to do daily updates in it. Check it out. comic note book

While you’re waiting

I’m in something of a frantic prep-mode for Fall Comicon. I have comics to scan and post but I have put that on hold so I can get some neat stuff done for the show. I’m going a slightly different direction from previous shows. I’ve scrapped some of the fan art I had (outside of sketch cards) and am putting out more of my art. As such this years book marks look more like this. fallcon_bookmarks

Voice of Reason

For future reference, it’s not impossible that I may be the voice of reason, but if you ask me for ideas on what’s reasonable I will almost always suggest some combination of the following.
  1. Get pizza instead.
  2. Maybe limit the number of fingers you might lose to one.
  3. If the fire only takes off hair then it’s not a big enough fire.
  4. You are only going too fast if you also need to turn. If no turning is needed keep going forward.
  5. An angry bear is only dangerous to people to proud to trip a friend
  6. You can put your boots in the oven but that don’t make ’em biscuits
  7. If you can’t solve a problem with a hammer you clearly need a bigger hammer

Aug. Addition of the state of things

It’s been too long and the pile of comics I need to scan keeps growing. I’ve been posting some photos of them over on the facebook page and on instagram but I want to get clean versions posted here. I am also in the process of signing up for a few shows and will put up a list once I get a confirmation. I believe I will be doing a couple of traditional craft shows as well as a couple comic shows. ** I’ll post again soon

New things

I stumbled into some cool little bags and decided to try them out as dice bags. If you see me at MSPComicon you have a shot of buying one. dice_bag