General social question

This is my home base and if you are one of the few who follow me here Thank You! I don’t think of this as a social platform though. This is like friends hanging out in my workshop.

I do have a general social media question for all of you. Do you treat your different social apps to different content? If someone follows you in one space is there a reason to follow you somewhere else or do you choose to post everything everywhere?

I’m thinking that I will start adding different flavors to different apps. Mostly I post drawings everywhere but I also take a lot of car photos.

I’m going to stew on this a bit and get back to you.

Voice of Reason

For future reference, it’s not impossible that I may be the voice of reason, but if you ask me for ideas on what’s reasonable I will almost always suggest some combination of the following.

  1. Get pizza instead.
  2. Maybe limit the number of fingers you might lose to one.
  3. If the fire only takes off hair then it’s not a big enough fire.
  4. You are only going too fast if you also need to turn. If no turning is needed keep going forward.
  5. An angry bear is only dangerous to people to proud to trip a friend
  6. You can put your boots in the oven but that don’t make ’em biscuits
  7. If you can’t solve a problem with a hammer you clearly need a bigger hammer


I both hate and love April Fools day

For a number of years I didn’t even pay attention to April Fools Day. I’m just not into fooling people I guess. I love a good gag and I respect people who can pull off a clever stunt but too many times a April Fools day joke that sounds good in planning becomes a wreck on execution.

So far today I have only see the cute kinds of April Fools Day gags but I feel the need to possibly stay off the internet today.