Accidental Garden

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Most of my life I have been an accidental gardener. I'm working to make that more intentional but I still get surprised. 

State of the site

So things are actually good.
  • I still want to upload the years of old strips. I’m torn between waiting until the comic easel bulk up-loader works and just doing a week at a time until I’ve caught up.
  • No comic this morning due to snowplowing. We got 12 inches of snow and I normally get up early to draw but instead I had to plow the driveway. Maybe tonight.
  • Holiday Geek Expo was a blast and profitable. I still have some prints for sale and I think I’m going to blow out my old sketch cards to freshen the set up.

Not Dead Yet!

Why yes.. this site is no longer dead.So far I’m just playing with it. I am currently using the default wordpress Twenty Eleven theme and Frumphs Comic Easel plugin. It was actually really easy to intergrate. I have some things I need to work on but so far so good.