Is it butter cream?

A brief and functional update

In the unlikely event that this is the only place online that you look for updates on my life I would like a moment of your time to point you to I have been adding quick little updates there mostly because it’s really easy. The sketch cards I’ve been doing typically show up there first only because I upload them directly from my phone. Additionally, I would encourage you to reach out to someone and let them know you’re there and thinking of them.

My Life rocks!

A few weeks back I had a break between audio books and I became a listener to The Clockwork Cabaret. It’s got just the right amount of humor and odd ball music to listen to while I drive into work. They had a contest where if you knew where something or other came from likely related to cartoons because that’s all I am likely to have remembered.. something about the Purple Pie Eater as I recall.. Well guess what. I won and you didn’t! clockwork package clockwork_telegram Thanks Clockwork Cabaret!