Is it butter cream?

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So.. I have no idea how I thought I would be able to do that over christmas. We should try again for a comic every weekday in January.

Veterans Day

I think of all the things I brought back with me from my days in the Navy, my boots hold the most memories. These are my boots and I wore them for years after getting out and you can almost see the memories in them. I have a new pair now and I almost hate trying to break them in. The old pair are soft and comfy and the new pair are stiff and awkward. I think I have introverted boots. My Boots


Sorry about the lack of posts. I’ve been swamped this summer with work and family stuff. I have a couple of comic ideas brewing though so look for them soon. While you wait have a meme. sharpen that pencil if you dare! Thanks!


I fixed the issue where comments were closed long before I wanted them to be. Thanks for pointing that out!

Yes I’m awake

So springcon was awesome. I tabled next to the fine folks over at Hollow. Got to talk to old friends and even sold a few things. Now I just need a nap, then I can do comics.


I have been resisting the urge to complain about the snow. Today seems like a good day to complain though because I think we’re at the end of it. Last night we had another snow storm and it dropped roughly 6 inches of snow. Wet.. Heavy.. Deep.. snow. I normally (this late in the season) ignored the snow and let it melt on its own. This though was so thick and wet I even had a tough time plowing the snow. To add insult to injury on the news last night they pointed out that in April we have had more snow then any other month this season. UGH!