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I can't talk right now. Brain shut off for maintenance

A Special Announcement

Starting in February I will be posting an members exclusive comic to Patreon. I am bringing “Jack Splat” back to life. Jack Splat was a comic about a space man that I started way back in 1999 but never really got the attention it deserved. The story and art kept changing and eventually I shelved it. I keep looking back at it though. Jack Splat is a story about an every day working class guy, living in space. He’s probably more grumpy then he needs to be, not great with people, and learning to be more patient. He finds himself the unwanted focus of his employer, a mega corporation that hides behind AI interfaces. After what should have been a normal day, he will find himself going on adventures and getting into and out of trouble. The plan as it stands is to give Jack a decent amount of effort without killing myself. After I finish up the first story arc I will get it made into physical collection and made available to both supporters and the rest of the world. There will be more information coming soon as I flesh it out.


Want to hear something cool? I set up a Patreon page today. Why would I do that you ask? Honestly, I just wanted to give it a try and they have the best looking options for me at this time. I’m not completely happy but I can see the value in what they do. I already have the next batch of comics out there and will keep putting the early access comics out there for people and once they go public there then the comics will be public every where else. Consider giving it a look.

General social question

This is my home base and if you are one of the few who follow me here Thank You! I don’t think of this as a social platform though. This is like friends hanging out in my workshop. I do have a general social media question for all of you. Do you treat your different social apps to different content? If someone follows you in one space is there a reason to follow you somewhere else or do you choose to post everything everywhere? I’m thinking that I will start adding different flavors to different apps. Mostly I post drawings everywhere but I also take a lot of car photos. I’m going to stew on this a bit and get back to you.